• Responsible Budgeting – Residents of Medicine Hat need to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely and responsibly. The City of Medicine Hat has already started work on making sure that wasteful spending is addressed, but that work needs to continue. We need to make sure that residents of Medicine Hat continue to receive the services they expect in a financially responsible manner.
  • Economic Recovery – In order for Medicine Hat to recover, we need to create and support an environment where businesses know what they can expect. This means stable property taxes (commercial and residential) and a collaborative relationship with City Hall. I’m committed to making sure that businesses can know what to expect in Our city so that we can all move forward.
  • Business Diversity – We need to start thinking outside the box & should promote diverse businesses to create more stable jobs so that we don’t lose our young generation & our other skilled workforce to bigger cities.
  • Mental Health – We need to have better social programs for citizens of Medicine Hat in case of any natural calamity or Pandemic so we can provide support to families that are in need.
  • Traffic safety – I have heard from many residents about the speed limit being too high in residential areas & how they feel about it, I will work on discussing this matter in City Hall to review the speed limit where required. Saamis Heights area has only one access for public use. Additional emergency access for public use is required for the area, I will advocate for that.
  • Communication – So many of the problems that exist between City Hall and Hatters are because the city doesn’t effectively communicate with Hatters. I want that to change. Hatters shouldn’t be surprised by major policy initiatives that have been in the works for years. My background in business gives me the skills that I need to make sure that the residents will know what’s happening at City Hall, and I’m committed to monthly town halls to make sure that I hear the concerns of the residents.